At night, before bedtime, BeeBop rests,

as his grandpa shares stories of color.

A planet far away with almost no gray.

In space it is like no other.



BeeBop's New World- Children's book
BeeBop's New World- Children's book
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Scrap book, Alien, Happy, BeeBop,

A little gray alien, with a colorful imagination, who dreams of a beautiful place called Earth.

​​8"x 10" Hard Cover or Soft Cover Book

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     Inspired by his Grandfather's bedtime stories, BeeBop embarks on an imaginary journey to discover a beautiful place called Earth.

     If you gazed upon our planet for the first time, what treasures would you take home to share?  Follow BeeBop as he discovers the planet we know and love, through fresh eyes, that will hopefully inspire the best in us all.

Now you can decorate your own BeeBop with your favorite things about Earth!

This 5" BeeBop BobbleHead display statue is cast in resin stone, not cheap plastic.  Packed in his own shipping tube, sent free by priority mail, and ready for your creative ideas.

Designed and sculpted by me in the USA. Cast and hand painted by my friend in Xiamen, China.  Loved all over the world!

"I believe it, why can't it be true?  I've seen it, it's there in my dreams at night:

Green grass and water that's blue!"

BeeBop the baby alien explores his new beautiful and amazing planet, Earth!